Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure (MOEI)
United Arab Emirates Government, Federal Transport Authority - Land and Maritime
P.O. Box 900 Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Director General: Mr. Abdullah Salem Al Kathiri
Tel.: (+971) 241 822 22
                (+971) 376 464 33
Land Transport Affairs Department
Mohammed Wasel Al-Hourani, Land Transport Expert
Tel.: (+971) 2 406 2252
Mobile: (+971) 56 702 3343  
Abdulrahman Al Menhali, Land Transport Engineer 

Vision & Mission
Our Vision

 Sustainable global leadership in energy, water, infrastructure, housing and transportation.
Our Mission
Organizing, developing and enhancing competitiveness in energy, mining, water resources, land and sea transportation, roads, utilities, housing, building, construction, sustainability of investment as well as the optimal use of partnerships, technology and advanced sciences, also adopting global innovative solutions to improve the quality of life of the society.
Our Corporate Values
    Customers Happiness
    Professional performance
    Good Role model