About TGA
TGA organizes, supervises & regulates the public transport industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, assure proper operations and well management of facilities and equipment, provide service with professional level and appropriate cost, encourage investment in accordance with the economic and social development objectives in the Kingdom, fulfilment of Vision 2030 objectives taking into account the technical and environmental aspects and integration with Air Transport Laws.

    Develop the regulatory and legislative environment of the transport sector
    Provide efficient and integrated public transport networks covering all modes of transport
    Adopt the highest standards of safety and quality then ensure its application in the means of transport.
    Adopt environmental standards and requirements to reduce environmental pollution and rationalize energy consumption.
    Enhance the effectiveness of investment and private sector participation in transport projects and services.
    Promote the use of public transport means.
    Adopt modern technologies in the management, regulation and control of transport.
    The Saudi Council of Ministers decreed the establishment of Transport General Authority on the 1st of October 2012
    The Transport General Authority organizational role was issued on the 23rd of July 2013
    The Saudi Council of Ministers approved the integration of Saudi Railway Authority under the Transport General Authority in 24 March 2016
    The Transport General Authority organizational referral was amended in 8 August 2017, linking PTA directly to the Saudi Prime Minister, and to appoint PTA Board Chairman with a Royal Decree.

Towards a safe, effective, integrated and environmental friendly transport, for a consistent development.

Board of Directors

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Olaya St.Sahafa Dist. BO. Box : 87078 Riyadh 11643

Transport General Authority


Undersecretary and Head of the TGA Railway Sector
Eng. Khalid Al Sultan

Technical Expert and Assistant of Undersecretary in TGA
Mr. Daw Kazzuz

TGA Safety and Quality
Mr. Bader Al Hujailan

TGA Engineering
Eng. Fahad Basalem