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In his steady effort to enhance social and economic circumstances in Jordan, and to come near the differences between Jordan and its neighboring Arab countries, and provide work jobs, establish the Kingdom image as a hub of businesses and a role model for an progressive and tolerant Muslim nation, his Majesty the king Abdullah II bin Al Hussein has developed an ambitious plan for his country seeking to make use of the most assets present in Jordan, and exploit them to attract investors and tourists, and institutionalize an investment atmosphere suitable for business and entrepreneurs. And in order to achieve His Majesty vision, the Jordanian government has drawn up the development areas law for 2008, which was endorsed by the Jordanian parliament immediately. However, the law states to establish developmental areas in the north and south of the Kingdom, with the aim to attain economic and social prosperity for all Jordanian citizenry. And so, one of the regions that was selected for hosting the developmental area is Ma’an city located in the southern part of Jordan.

Chairman of the Board Speech

South Jordan is considered as part of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan's heart pulsating with the originality of the past and ambition/vision of the future,where the people there hold on deep-rooted Jordanian traditions and original styles of living. Understandably, this region reflects the vision of His Majesty the King Abdullah II about a Jordan more progressive and prosperous and, attaining welfare for all its citizens through providing equal social and economic opportunities adding a block in the journey of building Jordan and its giving. At the heart of Southern Jordan, Ma’an city is located, embellishedwith its vibrant viability and unparalleled wealth of human competencies, and its lofty people which carried the Hashemite banner over the years and was a token to Jordanian symbols and values. Thereby, Ma’an is considered a national potential treasure to be discovered yet; it is rich in its naturel resources from solar energy firstly and the unearthed mineral wealth at the end. Nevertheless, the importance of Ma’an comes from its established history roots;a strategic location centered at the heart of Mideast and at the cross-roads between the sprawling economic markets in every place of the SA, Iraq and Syria, and considered also a station for pilgrims and Umrah performers on their way to sacred spots, which render it an attractive destination for investors, entrepreneurs and visitors alike. And, what may reinforce the rise of Ma’an, its affiliation to a country rich in varied opportunities; which has succeeded in establishing its name as selected investment destination, due to its strategic geographic site, stable and secure political environment, and various free trade covenants with the USA and many other trading partners, in addition to the presence of qualified human resources and competences which Jordan boasts about in overall, though, Ma’an itself abounds with human qualified young talents provided by the university of Al Hussein bin Talal. We, at the Ma’an Development Company, hope to play a pioneering role in uncovering Ma’an latent potentials, and its limitless resources. And that, through our work on administration of Ma’an development area while steering our swift efforts towards the attainment of desired results from our partners. And from here, we endeavor to apply the best international practices in all aspects of our work, to ensure efficient performance and achievement of promises we have made. One of the main supports on which our work rests in Ma’an development area is the principle of partnership, whereas that cooperation between our investors and suppliers and the people of Ma’an, to found effective partnerships between the public and private sectors, all that will be channeled into raising the level of expertise and knowledge among all stakeholders, and consequently will crown their endeavors with success. Furthermore, we aspire for more of continued transparency and communication to build robust relationship with all our partners. It's noteworthy here to refer to the importance of the unique experience of Ma’an Development Company in the field of specialist groupings work models, as the success of Ma’an development region will not be realized by meeting local and regional markets needsonly but by its exceptional structure based on integration factor between different hubs in a way conducive to influx of skills and customers and people to its groupings. In order for Ma’an development area to become the ideal destination selected by investors, Ma’an Development Company is keen to present the best financial, organizational and administrative incentives the region-wide, including allowing for foreign acquisition by a 100% rate, not imposing taxes on the income yielding from investment in the region, and also to make available all needs of investors at one site to facilitate their procedures and transactions. We would never omit to emphasize out commitment towards the population of Ma’an community, hence we work on attracting visitors and inhabitants to the region, which would contribute to creating a prosperous and calmat one time, also we are keen to respect the region traditions and, observe its typical cultural character, and seek as well to realize sustainable development in its diverse dimensions through creating thousands of job opportunities for the citizens of Ma’an and South Jordan and promote economic and social opportunities accessible to them. We, at Ma’an Development Company, possess the conviction and resolve to turn Ma’an Development area into ideal region for living and learning for all those who dwell it, and to remain an oasis for faith headed for by pilgrims and Umrah performers on their way to the sacred spots, as well as it will be a token for revival and prosperity to all investors and Jordanians alike. The presence, on the other hand, of all such factors, will allow for Ma’an Development Company to play the leading role in establishing the cultural and religious character of Ma’an city while promoting and preparing it to become prospective landmark for a bright future where originality is renovated and ambition exemplified. Engineer

Shadeh Abu Hdaib


Ma’an Development Company was incorporated with the aim to work on promoting Ma’an developmental area and marketing it, which is about a project consisting of four main Clusters each contributes to raising the living standard inMa’an and South Jordan in the Kingdom as a whole. It’s noteworthy to mention that Ma’an Development Company was established by the South Company Construction and Development in partnership with Industrial Cities Company and Al Hussein bin Talal University. Yet, the South Construction Company for and Development Company is fully owned by King Abdullah II Fund for Development, and it’s concerned with developing the Southern regions of the Kingdom through the establishment of unique projects that would contribute to stimulating economic and social development in such areas. Moreover, Ma’an Development Company works on supervising the success and development of Ma’an Development area and, seeks to establish the image of this region as being a secure and attractive destination for investors and developers, and a factor for positive change in Ma’an governorate. Through such a work, Ma’an Development Company will help to promote and market social, economic, historical, religious, architectural and industrial dimensions of Ma’an governorate; andthat through its work on agreeing with local values for the interest of the area people. At the same time,Ma’anDevelopment Company will underscore that the region will provide investors with favorable milieu for investment, where their businesses would proper and grow andto make use of many resources furnished by the area.

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