RAI to form the Supreme Advisory Assembly

RAI to form the Supreme Advisory Assembly
Dr. Seyed Miad Salehi, the new RAI President announced the formation of the Supreme Advisory Assembly in an intimate meeting with the former RAI Presidents.
TEHRAN UIC RAME: An intimate meeting was held with the presence of Dr. Salehi, the new RAI President during the first week of his appointment, and the former RAI Presidents in RAI Headquarters. 
In this meeting, which was held in line with consulting, exchanging views, and utilizing 40 years of experience of the former RAI Presidents, Dr. Seyed Miad Salehi put emphasis on the formation of the Supreme Advisory Assembly for making important decisions in the field of development and promotion of rail transport industry to be relied on collective wisdom, expert opinions, benefiting from the experiences of the former managers, and consensus and empathy at all levels of the railway industry, including RAI and private sector activists.
Dr. Salehi also mentioned that more attention to major railway issues, activation of railway corridors, prioritization of national interests, development of railway network and efforts to increasing the share of freight and passenger rail transport in the country are regarded as the priorities of its management period. 
In this meeting, the former RAI Presidents presented their opinions, views, and suggestions in order to improve the country's rail transportation industry.

Oct 26, 2021 07:52
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