Rail connection of broad-gauge line (1520 mm) between Iran and Turkmenistan

Rail connection of broad-gauge line (1520 mm) between Iran and Turkmenistan
Broad-gauge line was connected between Iran and Turkmenistan with the presence of the two countries authorities in zero point on border.

TEHRAN- UIC RAME: “Since 2014, by the inauguration of Iran- Turkmenistan- Kazakhstan railway with the presence of the three countries Presidents at the zero point on Incheh-Burun border, there were some problems in goods transport and wagons movement due to the lack of bridges for train crossing and and the presence of broad-gauge in Turkmenistan”, Mohsen Etemad, Director General of North-east Railway 2 stated.

Until 2018, Turkmenistan constructed the required bridges, but due to the broad-gauge in there, wagons and trains were transported after changing bogies and paying for them.

After all these, rail connection of broad-gauge line in Turkmenistan was completed and the broad-gauge was connected to the network of Iranian Railways in zero point on border after discussing legal and financial issues. Through this connection, there is no need to change the bogie and pay for the wagon movement. This connection leads to the rail connection of Iran to Central Asian countries and China.

Standard gauge is 1435 mm and the broad-gauge line is 1520 mm.

The length of broad-gauge line is totally 8 km; Iran and Turkmenistan costed $4 m.

Mar 8, 2021 07:51
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