Reviews of rail freight lines in Turkey

Reviews of rail freight lines in Turkey
Turkish State Railways (TCDD) indicated that a number of rail freight projects have been or are in the process of being completed in Turkey, the aims of which are to boost freight transport in future.

TEHRAN UIC RAME: The shortest connection between the country's eastern and western points is the line going from Kayseri to Izmir through Konya, which is part of the international line known as Kars-Tbilisi-Baku (BTK). The railway line, however, is not yet open for freight trains. Another line is the one crossing the Bosphorus strait via an underwater tunnel, known as the Marmaray pass, which will open for freight trains when the third line will be finished. The Samsun-Sivas line, on the other hand, is undergoing modernisation works since autumn 2015. It was meant to open in January 2019, but due to delayed works it is not yet known when exactly it will open. As for the Halkali-Cerkezkoy line, it is presently used by trains arriving from Europe, but it is pending the installation of a signalling system. A number of four freight trains and six passenger ones are using the line daily. The BTK line, on the other hand, opened in late 2017 and has been used to carry 200,000 tonnes of goods to date. The line is regularly used to ship goods from Asian countries. Lastly, the Bandima line will link the region of Western Anatolia to European lines, with trains set to run between the continent and Izmir/Manisa when in operation, whereas the international rail line between Iraq, Syria, and Turkey has been unused since 2014 in light of the conflict in Syria.


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