Iran holds the 22nd Regional Assembly for Middle East (RAME) in the historical city of Esfahan.

Iran holds the 22nd Regional Assembly for Middle East (RAME) in the historical city of Esfahan.
22nd Regional Assembly for Middle East (RAME) was held on November 26, 2018 in Esfahan, Iran.

TEHRAN UIC RAME: The 22nd Regional Assembly for Middle East (RAME) was held on November 26, 2018 in Esfahan, Iran with the presence of UIC Director General, RAME chairman and Vice-Chairmen, Acting Governor General of Esfahan, UIC coordinator for Middle East, Railways Presidents of the member states, some RAI managers, and representative of ECO. Number of matters such as approval of the minutes of 21st RAME in Ankara, country reports of the M.E. railways’ Presidents, report on the activities of UIC RAME Regional Office in Tehran, new activities for 2019, determination of date and venue of the next RAME meeting, situation of RAME membership, and financial issues were discussed in the meeting.

Also, a new document titled “Draft Study on Border Crossing Practices in Railway Transport in the Middle East, a Transport and Trade Facilitation Perspective”, the final version of the document of “Main International rail corridors passing through Middle East, Connecting Asia to Europe” and DVDs of 21st RAME meeting in Ankara on 7 May 2018 were distributed during the meeting.

Dr. Saeed Mohammadzadeh, Chairman of the Board, 1st Vice RAME Chairman underlined the importance of the meeting and presented perspectives of RAI developments including investments in rail infrastructure and rolling stock as well as plans for a future high-speed rail connection between Tehran and Esfahan. The project is to be completed within five years.
Mr. Jean-Pierre Loubinoux, Director General of UIC, thanked RAI for their warm reception, and expressed his sympathy with regard to the damage and injuries caused by recent earthquake which recently affected western Iran. He thanked RAME for the results achieved with the support of the Regional Bureau in Tehran led by Mr. Abbas Nazari. During this meeting, the UIC book “Dreams Stations” was presented to the Mayor of the City and RAME members as a token in association with the Next Station Conference to be held in Tehran in 2019.
He also presented UIC’s recent developments and thanked Syrian Railways and Iraqi Railways for participating in the meeting and wanting to resume their membership of UIC.
Following the opening session, Mr Nazari presented the actions completed in 2018. Mr. Jerzy Wisniewski, Middle-East Region Coordinator, confirmed the actions planned for 2019. He also informed members that the RAME Strategic Action Plan perspective 2020 was sent to Members after adjustments. The document will be distributed to the UIC General Assembly on 7 December in Paris.
RAME members presented their achievements and neighbouring cooperation. Mr. Francis Bédel, Chief UIC Digital Officer, presented UIC’s IT strategy and outputs of the Digital Platform. He was asked by Members for more detailed information focused on their needs.

At the end, it was determined to hold the 23rd Regional Assembly for Middle-East meeting in spring 2019 in Amman, Jordan at the kind invitation of Aqaba Railways Corporation (ARC).

Correspondent: Fahimeh Rahbari
Nov 28, 2018 13:27
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