Introduction on MERITS – PRIFIS


Source: International Union of Railways (UIC) by Marc Guigon, UIC Director for Passenger Department

Prepared by: Poupak Ashtari, Fahimeh Rahbari, Azadeh Poursaddami,

Revised by: Mozhgan Kordbacheh, Deputy DG of International Affairs Bureau, RAI

Endorsed by: Abbas Nazari, DG of International Affairs Bureau, RAI

Stakes of Merits – Prifis

Merits is the central timetable database of UIC with all train data and all station data within wider Europe. This database is shared between all the members of the Merits-Prifis community in order to fill their own journey planners with the aim of providing timetable information and/or selling tickets in another country.

Stakes for RAI are as follows:

·         Get all timetables and fares (or tariffs) from other countries to inform their clients about trains abroad and eventually sell tickets for other companies

·         Provide RAI’s timetable and fares to the community in order for foreign persons to know times and fares of Iranian trains in their countries journey planner (and eventually to sell tickets abroad)

·         Become an IT provider for timetable and tariff information: Journey Planner, APP…

How Merits works?

Each week (or each month) railway operators upload their own data (stations and timetables of domestic and international trains).

The data format is EDIFACT.

The Merits tool is very convenient and simple to use. Data can be automatically uploaded, or manually uploaded via a web interface.

These data are integrated within Merits 2 times a week in order to obtain a global set of data with all stations and timetables. This set of data is available for all members who can download them.


How Prifis works?

Prifis contains NRT (Non Reservation Tickets) fares.

These data are uploaded once a year in September. They are available for all the community.


Role of UIC

Merits and Prifis are UIC tools.

So, UIC manages the activity in order to guarantee consistency and quality of data.

UIC Merits team checks data every day, and advices members.


Who is partner?

·         European railway undertakings

·         Russia

·         Belarus

·         Ukraine

·         Turkey

map merits



How to become Merits-Prifis member?


·         Sign the 2 MoUs

·         Contribute to finance the tool (minimum: 3 500 euros a year)

·         Upload regularly Iranian data

·         Participate to the TTEG (Timetable expert group) 2 times a year (next meeting in Istanbul in October)


UIC provides information and training for new members.

UIC organizes regularly regional information and trainings.



TCDD provides international trains in their own journey planner