Source: Jordan Hejaz Railways (JHR)

Prepared by: Poupak Ashtari, Azadeh Poursaddami, Fahimeh Rahbari

Revised by: Mozhgan Kordbacheh, Deputy DG of International Affairs Bureau, RAI

Endorsed by: Abbas Nazari, DG of International Affairs Bureau, RAI





Jordan Hejaz Railways, Reality and Aspiration


Jordan Hejaz Railway is considered as the oldest railway line from fragrant history of the Arab region, which has been established 118 years ago in 1900 AD of the last century that the Hejaz railway, which represents an era of our history and might the latest revolution in the transport sector at that time.

Railways in the past and the present are very important for countries with large area and sprawling, Taking into account the pillar of Hajj in Islam, and overcome all the difficulties that were exposed to the pilgrims, Sultan Abdul Hamid in September 1900 (June first 1317 AH) has started work on a project to establish a railway up to the Hejaz, during the celebration of the twenty-fifth anniversary of his accession to the throne.

All Muslim countries at that time support Sultan Abdul Hamid in the construction of HR in order to facilitate the transfer of Muslim pilgrims to the Holy Land in Hejaz/ Saudi Arabia. The rail line is  (narrow gauge (1050 mm) excel load  (10.5 tons)), with total long (1303) km, the project was completed in 1908. The maximum speed was 40 km / h while the normal speed was 25 km / h for pilgrim's trips.

The total number of JHR stations is 59, starting from Al- Kadam station in Damascus up to the last station in Al-Madina Al- Munawara city with total length (1303 km), and the length of the JHR section in Jordan about (452 km) and the number of stations in the section of Jordan is 29.



Comfortable and safe tourist transport and the appropriate investment for the assets of the Corporation while preserving the legacy of the Hejaz Railway


Develop the performance of the Corporation to become a qualitative tourist transporter and to conduct investment that guarantees an increase in revenues while preserving the legacy and achieving job welfare


·         Preserving the properties of the Jordan Hejaz Railway.

·         Maintenance and sustainability of the transport fleet and utilizing it as a traditional transporter.

·         Developing the infrastructure of the Hejaz Railway.

·         Producing qualified technical cadres to become the core for the functioning of the National Project for Railways.

·         Renovating the heritage buildings in the Corporation to become tourist attraction destinations.

·         Coordinating with all concerned stakeholders to locate the Corporation on the Jordanian tourism map.

·         Coordinating with all stakeholders to list the Corporation as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites and register it within the UNESCO.

·         Working to develop the Museum.




JHR Rail Line Map

Jordan railway


The northern section is managed by Jordan Hejaz Railway corporation (JHRC) with a total length of (210 km) and operated to run a tourist trips to Az-Zarqa , Mafraq, Al-Jeza and Al-Qutarneh station, while the southern section is managed by Aqaba Railway Corporation (ARC) and operated to carry the phosphate from the mines till Aqaba port.



Future Plans and Aspirations


-         Conduct various types of trains in order to meet the demands of the public by various categories of trains, diesel and steam through the reconstruction of locomotives and passenger coaches and goods trucks.

-         Maintain of railway infrastructure from north of Jordan up to south to insure the safe movement of trains.

-         Preparation the JHR stations for investment and marketing to the private sector for the establishment of centers of attraction of the tourist hotels, restaurants and entertainment centers.


-         JHR and some of cement factories in Jordan studying a possibility of the transfer cement to a number of cities within Jordan and to Syria


-         Conversion of a number of old vehicles for use in different areas of the capital and tourist areas in the Jordan as train restaurant.




To establish JHR museum with an area (3000 m 2) in Amman station   to reflect the history and heritage of the Hejaz line.



Jordan Hejaz Railways




-         JHR was established on 1900.

-         The Construction processes continued until 1908.

-         The rail line  is (narrow gauge (1050 mm) excel load  (10.5 tons))

-         The total rail line length is about (1303 km) from Damascus to al-madina/ Saudi Arabia, and the length of the JHR section in Jordan about (452 km).

-         The total number of JHR stations is (59) and the number of stations in the section of Jordan is 29.

-         Staff is 176 consists of engineers, technicians and laborers.