About UIC M.E. Regional Office

In line with applying the new structure of the International Union of Railways (UIC) and shifting this union from the European to the global dimension, the new structure of UIC was finalized at the 69th General Assembly (7 Dec., 2006, Paris- France), aiming at global and strategic cooperation for the regional railway development. Consequently, the new statute of UIC was ratified in 2009.

For expanding the activities and utilizing the potentials of the regions, the International Union of Railways (UIC) was divided into 6 regions in the global dimension that works under the auspices of the Headquarters of UIC. The UIC Middle East Regional Assembly is one of them, which has officially started its activity 2009. The Turkish State Railways (TCDD) chairs the Regional Assembly, RAI (Iran) and SAR (Saudi Arabia) are as the vices. This Assembly is composed of the railways of Turkey (TCDD), Iran (RAI), Saudi Arabia (SAR), Jordan (ARC), Iraq (IRR), Syria (CFS), Afghanistan (ARA), United Arab Emirates (MoEI), Jordan Hejaz Railways (JHR), Syrian Hejaz Railways (SHR), TCDD Taşımacılık A.Ş. from Turkey, Transport General Authority (TGA) from Saudi Arabia, and Isfahan Kafriz Company from Iran.

It should be mentioned that Oman, Qatar, and the companies of Rail Pardaz Seir (Iran) and Ma’an Development Area (Jordan) were recently excluded from UIC. 

The UIC M.E. Regional Office is located in Tehran, Headquarters of Iranian Railways.

(11th Floor (west wing), Headquarters of Iranian Railways, Nelson Mandela Blvd., Argentina Sq., Tehran, Iran, P. O. Box: 15197-13111).

Goal: The task of the Regional Office is to consolidate the UIC RAME community, promote cooperation among its members, and identify new fields for the international cooperation. The Middle East Regional Office also encourages its Middle East members in order to have their direct and higher involvement in the activities of technical forums and platforms of UIC.

The UIC Regional Office works by close cooperation with UIC, UIC Middle East Coordinator, Chairman of the Regional Office, and all RAME members.