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In line with applying the new structure of the International Union of Railways (UIC) and shifting this union from the European to the global dimension, the new structure of UIC was finalized at the 69th General Assembly (7 Dec., 2006, Paris- France), aiming at global and strategic cooperation for the regional railway development. Consequently, the new statute of UIC was ratified in 2009.

For expanding the activities and utilizing the potentials of the regions, the International Union of Railways (UIC) was divided into 6 regions in the global dimension that works under the auspices of the Headquarters of UIC. The UIC Middle East Regional Assembly is one of them, which has officially started its activity 2009. The Turkish State Railways (TCDD) chairs the Regional Assembly, RAI (Iran), SRO (Saudi Arabia), and ARC (Jordan) are as the vices representatively. This Assembly is composed of the railways of Turkey (TCDD), Iran (RAI), Saudi Arabia (SRO), Jordan (ARC), Iraq (IRR), Syria (CFS), Afghanistan (ARA), Qatar (QRC), United Arab Emirates (FTA), Oman (Oman Rail), Jordan Hejaz Railways (JHR), Syrian Hejaz Railways (SHR), Rail Pardaz Seir Co. from Iran, Ma'an Development Area (MDA) from Jordan, and

TCDD Taşımacılık A.Ş. from Turkey.

The UIC M.E. Regional Office is located in Tehran, Headquarters of Iranian Railways.

A New Period for Railway Transit Transport between Turkey and Iran
Sultan Alparslan Ferry put into operation
A dry port in Incheh-Boroun is constructed
Construction of a dry port in Incheh-Boroun/ readiness by Iran in foreign investments in the dry port of Incheh-Boroun were discussed and addressed in a bilater
Iran and Pakistan rail firms discuss passenger and freight services
Pakistan Railways (PR) and Iranian Railways (RAI) have negotiated to restart the passenger train between Iran and Pakistan before Muharram to travel to Qom or M

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Syria ‘plans railroad to Turkish border’
War-torn Syria plans to build a railway system that extends to its borders, reaching Turkey in the north, Russian news agency Sputnik has quoted a Syr
High speed rail lines in Turkey will redesign the concept of accessibility
The railway network expansion projects and the liberalisation of the rail sector, the latter being launched at the beginning of 2017, will reshape the

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